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The Game's Journal
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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
1:37 pm
On Immediate Lucidity

Upon engaging my Da Vincian sleep cycle, I am once again faced with a peculiar form of sleep that eludes my definitions. In it, I lie down to rest, and there I lay with my eyes closed trying to fall asleep. This sort of thing happens if you have missed a nap, or are just starting up on it after not having done it for a while. When I am unable to fall asleep at all, it is obvious. The alarm goes off and I stand up, disappointed with myself. I feel no fluctuation in my psyche.

There is another scenario that happens more frequently for me, however. In this, from my state of awareness the above appears to happen, however the intensity of hypnagogic1 hallucinations are very strong, and when time comes by and the alarm sounds, I stand up very groggy, and "puffy" around the eyes as if I a have been sleeping -- even though I feel as though I was entirely conscious for the full twenty minute duration. There was no sense of time warping that happens when you slip out of consciousness.

My only reasonably hypothesis at this point is that I am in fact falling asleep, but that I am doing so in such a lucid state that I am not even aware of the fact that I have ever fallen asleep, or inversely, woken up when the alarm goes off. The conscious awareness floats over the hypnagogic realms, even controlling them as in with a lucid dream, never once losing contact with the external world. Yet, despite that, full R.E.M. sleep was attained, for after a few minutes of grogginess, I am refreshed, energetic, and ready to go another four hours -- a sensation entirely missing from when I truly cannot fall asleep.

This puts a new twist on the concept of lucid dreaming, as most people have approached it from a standpoint of waking up inside the sleep cycles. When on the Da Vincian cycle, the mind never actually goes through any cycles at all, it merely skips straight down to R.E.M. and never has a chance to go any deeper, thus the lucid state can be held throughout the entirety of the sleep process.

For an armchair "agent" who fancies herself a bit of a cultural spy, my immediate response to this is that it is an extremely safe sleeping posture. Being that I am both asleep, and entirely aware of my external surroundings, I could leap out of the sleep situation if emergency did arise2.

[1] The LJ spell checker returned the possibility that the word I might have been looking for was: Spongecake. Ha! That is actually quite appropriate.
[2] Note, this never actually does happen. I fancy it, though. So hush.

Monday, December 9th, 2002
6:28 am
Mirrors; if reflection can be seen in dreams.
Saturday, November 9th, 2002
8:47 pm
Object One
This one is simple, and it is inspired by the movie Waking Life. Simply find a light switch while dreaming, and attempt to turn the lights on or off, depending on the current state of the light. According the movie, there are a couple of indicators that can tip you off to the fact that you are dreaming. The most common one that most people experience is having difficulty reading numbers and words. Digital watches may seem blurry for some people, other people have difficulty reading a poster, or a page of text. For me, when I have come across this -- the letters in the words tend to shift and blur, not only that, the meanings of the words scramble, so that a single word can mean five or six different things in the time it takes to read it. Usually, this is combined with a sense of frustration (probably because I love reading so much) and a sense of urgency, that what is being read is vital. After I realized this was happening, several years ago, I've trained myself to become aware of it while dreaming, and realizing that I cannot read something lets me become aware of the fact that I am dreaming.

Also according to the movie, there is the trick of the light switch. I have never noticed this before, and I cannot think of a specific example where I have even tried fiddling with the lights -- but while you are dreaming, it is impossible to control the level of light in your area. Technically, even if you do find a light switch, nothing should happen when you toggle it.

Just last night, armed with this knowledge, I think my brain is trying to rebel against it because I had a dream where I set about trying to increase the light. Presumably, since I couldn't find a light switch, I was setting fire to things. Oddly enough, despite the fire things stayed dark. So I suppose the first objective is a bit of curiosity on my part, has anyone managed to toggle or change the lighting in their dreams? If so, we'll have to discard this objective since it doesn't hold up to reality, and consider it creative license on the part of the movie. If not, then the challenge remains.

Sunday, November 10th, 2002
7:01 am
Be Little
The One More Dream in occurance of ten.

In contention with a jester, against the Dream's will.

Realisation of control, jolt, clutching frantically at the dreams hazy edges. Silver strings unravelled.

Dreams of Silver Strings.
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